A sneak peek of the screening list at WIIFF ‘17

05 . Jul . 2017
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The 3rd season of Whatashort Independent International Film Festival 2017 promises a great experience for viewers.  The festival will feature some of the best short and independent short films in the current year.  Here’s a list of the films that will be screened:


The first fiction video by ScoopWhoop, Sneh, wowed us when we first saw it. Sneh is a crime thriller and has one of the most unique story lines we have seen in recent times.  Here is the synopsis of Sneh:

Sneh revolves around a dysfunctional family where the ‘man’ of the house goes missing. The protagonist, a middle-class housewife with her young daughter wakes up to the uncanny disappearance of her husband, Manoj, who serves in the police department. The mini-thriller web-film is an experiment in nonlinear narrative storytelling and it reveals information in a way that the audience has not seen before on the Indian web. The story, rather than going forward, traces its steps backwards into the murky dealings of the human mind, debauchery, love, hatred and that dangerous thing called ‘desire’.

Amma Meri:

Amma Meri promises to be a thriller with a deep emotional quotient. A young man who’s about to marry finds out that he will come into some money only when his mother passes away. The trailer promises a dark, twisted film. Here’s the synopsis of the film:

BALRAM, a villager is endowed with more plight as his father’s last ritual commences. His father’s death not just made him fatherless, but a lone shoulder with dependability and burden. DEVKI RANI, the old mother with a declining body and falling eye sight has very meagre to offer. The banker’s reminder about the fixed deposit and persuading Balram to become the sole nominee, seems most favourable. Considering a suitable groom for daughter Rashmi and setting up the dairy business again, ignites more to the occasion. The appetite of an exceeding interest rate and confiscating all the money after his mother’s death, makes Balram THINK

The School Bag:

Rasika Duggal’s ‘The School Bag’ has wowed audiences all over the world with it’s stunning story line and great performances.  This is one of the rare films that speaks about how terrorism takes lives on both sides of the world. Here’s the synopsis of the film:

The School Bag is a drama about surprises we plan and the ones we can’t even imagine. Watch this tale about Faaruq and his mother that will make you question the world we live in.

Lal Taaj:

Lal Taaj is an emotional story about a young, hearing-impaired boy who tries to sell the show piece of Taj Mahal as the Red Fort. Here is the synopsis:

The story revolves around a mute boy who sells show piece of  Taj Mahal in the market. He gets a demand for Red Fort  for which he does everything to turn his Taj Mahal from white to Red Fort as he doesn’t know the difference between the two monuments. Let’s figure out if he can manage to turn his white Taj into Red.

Rage :

The story is about an urban man, on a routine journey to his office is running behind schedule. He tries best to cope up with the traffic and reach his destination as early as possible, however is stopped frequently at various traffic signals. This frustrates him. In an attempt of jumping a green light, he collides with an auto-rickshaw. This leads to a dent in his Car door and in anger he beats the auto driver. Some people around intervene and save the auto driver and then he leaves the spot in furious mode. Again, on his way he is shouting on everyone he is seeing coming in front of him, and in an attempt of over-taking another car he ends up bashing the car from behind. Which to his bad luck is a luxury car and to make things worse, it’s being driven by a mighty looking personality. The man thinks that he is going to get a taste of his own medicine from the luxury car driver however the luxury car driver reacts in a very calm way and asks him to take care next time. This is when the man feels what wrong he did to the auto driver and takes a u turn to find the auto driver. He finds him outside a hospital, washing his injured face and then the man takes him to the hospital.

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