8 TV Shows to Binge-Watch Over the Weekend

26 . Aug . 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Finally, the weekend here, as the drab day comes to an end, you start to make plans for the weekend. However, the feeling of staying in bed all day long, watching your favorite show, just can’t be put into words. In case you want to stay in and give up running errands for this week, why not try out some great and binge-watch worthy TV shows.

We have compiled a list TV shows that you can binge-watch over this weekend.

1) The Perfect Date

This is a show available on Netflix. If you have been missing charming Noah Centineo, this is the show to look out for. He is back to make you realize that he is the stand-in date that you didn’t ever think you needed. It also stars Camila Mendes and Laura Marano. Have the perfect weekend date with The Perfect Date.

2) The Sinner

This is one of the new entrants in Netflix and is quite talked about. In fact, there have been people who have said that they were not able to handle the intensity that this show has. It stars Jessica Biel and portraying a darker side of an otherwise calm character. It is too interesting to leave out. There are two seasons that you can watch on Netflix.

3) Alias Grace

This show is based on the popular novel by Margaret Atwood with the same name. It is going to take you back in time. The 18th century Canada envisions a murder. The protagonist has been accused of the murder. The story has been based on true events. You will find the first season on Netflix consisting of 6 episodes.

4) Our Planet

The documentary on nature, Our Planet has been released on Netflix and has received great reviews. You can sit and watch what we humans have done to our home planet. This is a British documentary which is perfect for watching spectacular nature and gorgeous animals. The show is narrated by David Attenborough.

5) Stranger Things

This show hasn’t become popular for no reason. The third season of the show is out now and it is completely binge-worthy. It is about Hawkins, a town in Indiana. Here, kids go missing mysteriously and his friend encounters some strange happenings when they set out on a quest to find out their friend. It is an ideal mix of funny and spooky.

You are definitely not going to regret watching it, just like you are not going to regret playing LeoVegas Tomb Stone in the online casino. This is an extremely rewarding game which is entertaining at the same time. If you want to have fun, you can try it out for free.

6) Made in Heaven

If your heart dances a little when you hear about a wedding, this web series is just the perfect pick. It is by Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar. The series is based on relationships, wedding, and the confusions surrounding it. If you haven’t yet watched the show, add your list for this weekend.

7) Mindhunter

Who doesn’t love cop shows! Any movie or series that has a little mystery in it instantly becomes our favorite. In case you are someone who digs criminal drama, this is the show for you. The shows bring forward the life of 2 agents belonging to the department of FBI behavioral science come together to get close to serial killers and solve some strange cases. David Fincher is one of the producers of this show. In fact, he is also known to have directed some of the episodes. The season is available for watching on Netflix.

8) Queer Eye

Have you heard of this warmest, funniest, and the finest reality makeover show? You haven’t? Then you should definitely make it a point to watch it this weekend. This show involves a group of 5 queer and talented young men who choose to change the lives of some individuals. You will surely find it therapeutic to see them flick their magic wand to work wonders. Well, not literally.

We hope that the list has got you covered for this weekend. Order in some food, tuck yourself into the sheet and enjoy a happy and lazy weekend.