7 infotainment documentaries to keep you informed and entertained

20 . Aug . 2020
Reading Time: 3 minutes

We always tend to get curious about different aspects of life such as nature, technology, wildlife, biographies and events. This is where a great documentary comes in. Here is a list of infotainment documentaries to keep you informed and entertained at the comfort of your home:


New Beginnings

Filmed in 4 countries over a period of 6 months, the documentary follows the OnePlus Nord project team as the team strategize, navigate design obstacles, and adapt to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. To share the journey of bringing a new smartphone to life, Amazon Prime Video brings to you a unique documentary which promises an unfiltered look at the development of the OnePlus Nord, from concept to launch. Titled New Beginnings, stream the documentary on Amazon Prime Video.


The Test: A New Era for Australia’s Team

The Test: A New Era for Australia’s Team, is a docu-series following the Australian Men’s Cricket Team, offering a behind-the-scenes look at how one of the world’s best cricket teams fell from grace and was forced to reclaim their title and integrity. Stream The Test: A New Era for Australia’s Team on Amazon Prime Video.


One Child Nation

One Child Nation takes an eerie look at the single-child policy implemented in China between 1979 and 2015. Directors Nanfu Wang and Jialing Zhang were born in the country during this period, meaning they saw the adverse effects of the guideline first-hand. They focus on how this rule impacted citizens on both individual and collective levels. The documentary’s propaganda-filled archival footage and sad stories make it an uncomfortable yet compelling watch. Stream One Child Nation on Amazon Prime Video.


Autopsy: The Last Hours Of…

This Discovery Plus exclusive looks at crucial medical evidence that explains what killed some of the most famous celebrities as a forensic pathologist attempts to understand what their last days looked like. Celebrities covered in the series include Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston & Anna Nicole Smith. Stream Autopsy: The Last Hours of… on Discovery Plus.


Mountain Life

The series follow families who want to get away from the hustle and bustle as they search for the ultimate mountain retreat. From the wooded peaks of the East Coast’s Blue Ridge to Hawaii’s tropical Mauna Loa, there are remote mountain locations you didn’t even know existed. Stream Mountain Life on Discovery Plus.


Sharkwater Extinction

A thrilling, action adventure journey that follows filmmaker Rob Stewart as he exposes the billion-dollar illegal shark fin industry and the political corruption behind it. Watch Sharkwater Extinction on Amazon Prime Video.


 Harmony with AR Rahman

Harmony with A.R Rahman’ is a curated exploration of the past and future of Indian music through the eyes of A. R. Rahman. India’s rich musical heritage is viewed through the prism of four specially curated instruments and vocal traditions, selected in order to represent the geographic and historic diversity of the country. The series will examine the traditions, the musicians and the locations. Watch Harmony with AR Rahman on Amazon Prime Video.