7 iconic dialogues from the first season of Mirzapur that are now part of our modern-day lingo

29 . Sep . 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes

It will be grave injustice to list down 7 dialogues from Mirzapur and call them the most-epic ones. Every word spoken in the show is firmly etched in our memory with the entire script of the show being no less than a power-packed series of dialogues in its truest sense. However, there are just some dialogues from Mirzapur that are so common now, that it has become a part of our modern-day lingo, especially amongst millennials. Here’s 7 of the very best.

Shuru Majboori Me Kiye The, Ab Maza Aa Raha Hai Enjoying his new life as the ‘Lions of Mirzapur’, Guddu Bhaiyya opens his mouth against his honest and principled father to create history and how! While the entire world is waiting for his showdown with Kaleen Bhaiyya in season two, for the time being, here’s an epic dialogue that most of us now use as a standard response to anything we do half-heartedly.

Bh***i Ke – Well, should we elaborate this further? This is something which everyone around us either hears or utters once in a while. But when the no-nonsense Kaleen Bhiayya said this to the guy coming to his home at midnight for a petty issue, this turned into an emotion overnight. Feel aa gayi, hai na?

Papa Ko Lagta Hai Hum Ch****a Hai – The problem with most sons these days is that they think their fathers don’t trust them enough. Well, we can’t blame the fathers if their sons have a sense of being under the constant scanner and having a temperament similar to Munna Tripathi. While the children do their best to be in good books of their daddy dearest, this dialogue has given voice to each one of them who think that their father thinks they’re a ….well you know what!

Aap Chinta Mat Kijiye Hum Karte Hain Prabandh Did Kaleen Bhaiyya just gave us the most-practical dialogue ever in the history of dialogues? Being a line that fits almost every situation, this one is a jack of all trades. Don’t believe us, just keep repeating this dialogue if you want to assure someone, procrastinate, make a fool out of someone or get something arranged for your boss and want to buy time.

Ch****a Hai Yeh Important Nahi Hai, Hamara Ladka Hai Yeh Important Hai – Well, this dialogue in itself is a statement, isn’t it? For all fathers out there, if there’s a line that you need to show how much you love your son, despite him not being perfect, this is it.

Middle Class Aadmi, Aadmi Nahi Ch****a Hota Hai – Truer words have never been spoken by Guddu Bhaiyya. The aam aadmi does everything in his capacity to keep himself and his loved ones happy, but we all know that every person is just living life with some dream that always stays unfulfilled.

Family Family Hoti Hai, Jaisi Bhi Ho, Saath Khada Hona Padta Hai – We all have that one person in the family who is a misfit, but we can’t abandon them right, because at the end of the day, it’s our own blood and we need to make sure that we give them the right direction, ALWAYS!

We can’t stop imagining that if Mirzapur 1 had this much to give, how much would Mirzapur 2 contribute to our lingos? Well at least we don’t have to ask the question now – Mirzapur Kab Aa Raha Hai because the world knows Aa Raha Hai 23rd October ko Mirzapur, sirf Amazon Prime Video pe. It’s time for some more pearls of wisdom.