6 Things you’ll hear in every college fest

18 . Nov . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

What is a life of a college kid, you ask? Well, let me tell you – Attend lectures, submit assignments, more assignments and some more assignments, have a mental breakdown and carry the weight of existence in the bags under the eyes. Though this may seem dark and bleak, but there is light at the end of every tunnel. And for college students, this light manifests itself in the form of three days long college fest.  Girliyapa from the house of TVF brings to you another rib-tickling sketch on what happens in every college fest. Here are six things that you hear during every college fest:

#1 “Yaar budget nahi hai!”

This is by far the most used sentence in every college fest. This very sentence drags you down from the khayali pulav that you have been cooking. If it wasn’t for this sentence, you wouldn’t ever learn optimum utilization of resources. Asan shabdon mein bola jaye toh – settling down. Jab aukaat Big Bazaar ki ho na, toh Zara pe window shopping karne se ghanta kuch ukhadta hai, this phrase aptly describes low budget scenes in college fests.

#2 “So I met this guy today”

Tinder was launched in 2016, people before that attended College Fests to find their match. Be it within the organising committee or the participants, college fests mein kaafi dil jude hai. Another reason being, the grass is greener on the other side. With more colleges participating the odds of meeting your match are higher. And at some point during the fest you must’ve said, “So I met this guy ?”.

#3 “Mujhe shopping jaana hai”

College fest is the MET Gala for Indian college kids. This is the time when dress codes don’t apply. This is one chance for you get to dress up like a diva and make that red carpet entry  (after going through security frisking and manual baggage check). Though you will hear this a week or day before the fest, “Mujhe shopping jaana hai” is mandatory.

#4 “Sponsors chahiye”

A synonym to “Paise chahiye”.  Everything requires money and sponsors provide money. Sponsors are the genie which make your dream of making the ‘best fest ever’ come true. But getting sponsors is a difficult, difficult task. If you ever landed a sponsor, your mother will be proud of your negotiation skill.

#5 “Pass ka jugaad karde”

There is inverse relationship between the prices of the pass and purchasing power of the students. This is where you learn to find the dealers- the people who will make passes available at cheaper rates or better yet, for free. Here begin the shenanigans for entering the fests. Some get out of it or some get too deep into it. You can see those people selling movie tickets in black.

#6 “Mujhe Ghar jaana hai!”

Jag mujh pe lagaye pabandi mein hoon hi nahi iss duniya ki, because I am papa ki pari and not Cinderella.  I don’t have to be home before 7PM. Unlike the popular beliefs that girls should adhere to the deadlines.  Join us in speaking up against baseless deadlines imposed on women- “You are a girl, be home by 7pm”, “Girls should get married before 30!” in association with Whisper for #NoMoreDeadlines. Let us speak up against these deadlines that hold women back from living life by their own rules! with Girliyapa’s new hilarious sketch.

If you don’t relate to any of these and have never come across such scenarios, you are definitely living not your college life. And as for others, you can watch the video here and laugh away in hysteria, remembering your own stories.

You can watch it here :