5 Unconventional roles played by Naseeruddin Shah

31 . Jul . 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Naseeruddin Shah is globally recognised for his incredible acting talent, versatility and a penchant for extraordinary roles. Each time the actor has graced the screen he has left a long-lasting impact on us with his ever so subtle intensities, charming aura, piercing eyes and a wicked yet warm smile. Bringing the extraordinaire in the ordinary here are 5 such roles where the talented actor left us dumbstruck with his brilliant performance:

Bandish Bandits – The trailer of this musical romance drama released just a few days and we can’t seem to get enough of Naseeruddin Shah – even though all we got were just glimpses of his presence. A classical music guru shaping the musical journey of his grandson to carry on his legacy – Do we say anymore? Can’t wait to see Shah in an all new avatar giving us lessons on sur and taal…

A Wednesday – Representing the tired and frustrated common man, there is hardly anybody who doesn’t remember his iconic dialogue – I am just common stupid man! With his powerful delivery of dialogue sheer brilliance in acting and charm, Shah enthralled us and kept us at seat’s edge as he meticulously dabbled within the greys of his character…

Ishqiya – I mean, Dil toh Bachcha hai Ji! Playing the role of Iftikhar aka Khalujan, Shah played the perfect distrustful criminal in love and ready to dupe anybody, including his own nephew for his lover… Amorally corrupt, dubious and sleezy, Naseeruddin’s wonderful portrayal gave us yet another cinematic character to cherish always…

Dirty Picture – A glamorous South superstar, a womanizer and a voyeuristic man – Naseeruddin Shah plays his exact opposite in the movie – Dirty Picture. But even in this light, we cannot ignore the fact that he does complete justice to what he portrays

Finding Fanny – This charming old postmaster in Finding Fanny surely found the way to our hearts. We loved every minute of Naseeruddin’s performance in the movie and could not be left content as we wanted more of him

While there are countless movies where he has charmed us with performance, dialogues and smile thanks to Amazon Prime Video, even in the lockdown we can see more of him in their upcoming original Bandish Bandits.

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