5 top romantic series to binge this long weekend!

04 . Dec . 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Love stories never grow old. A good love story has the power to make you feel like a part of the couple’s journey and set relationship goals every time you watch your favorites on screen. As an unprecedented year draws to a close, cozy up with your loved one, and enjoy a night of binging on some heartwarming love stories. From sneak peeks into the sweet romances of couples on a lazy afternoon, or glimpses of the ups and downs a modern-day couple goes through while juggling between their careers and love life, there’s never a dull moment. Whether you want to laugh or cry, enjoy tales of forbidden love and romantic dramas this list will surely keep you entertained for hours!

Firsts (Season 3)

Ritu and Lavanya met on a dating app during the lockdown, and moved in together after knowing each other for barely a month. Doesn’t sound like your typical love story? That’s because this one isn’t. Bringing to light the story of a young same-sex couple, the show explores their many firsts together, and is a tale of acceptance that truly proclaims love doesn’t judge’. These one-minute episodes will steal your heart away-and make you believe that anything is truly possible when you’re in love.

Where to watch it: Dice Media’s Instagram channel

Our Story (Season 2)

Filiz, who looks after 5 siblings, and lives in poverty, believes she has no time or place in her life for love. Fate has other plans for her, when Baris enters her life and pulls out all the stops to prove his love for her. Our Story is a showcase of pure love among the characters, and the realness of the situations at hand makes this a show you should not miss out on!

Where to watch it: MX Player

Please Find Attached (Season 2)

Whoever said this generation has no time for love, got it all wrong. Meet Sanya and Shaurya, colleagues, and flatmates who fall in love. While they chart their individual careers, they gradually learn how to balance both their worlds. Sanya and Shaurya’s ups and downs take you on a fascinating journey of what it takes to make a relationship work today, and their story is every bit relatable with young couples and is definitely worth watching.

Where to watch it: Dice Media’s Youtube channel

It Happened in CalcuttaIt Happened in Calcutta is a thrilling story of Ronobir Chatterjee, a stereotypically arrogant casanova, and the nerdy and gullible Kusum Ganguly. Being poles apart, do they prove that opposites really attract? Or is it a recipe for disaster? Find out as these recreate history while defining their love for each other.

Where to watch it: Alt Balaji

Made in Heaven

Weddings in India are considered to be the ultimate display of love. Made in Heaven follows the journey of wedding planners, and close friends Tara and Karan as they traverse the delicate world of dealing with couples, families, and everything in between. The series unveils the mistakes they make, the lies they tell and cover for, and their complicated yet interesting lives. It is also thought-provoking, entertaining, and dramatic enough to keep you gripped throughout.

Where to watch it: Amazon Prime Video