5 times we fell in love with the men in Shakuntala Devi’s life. Don’t miss the drama on Amazon Prime Video

07 . Aug . 2020
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It has been a week since we fell in love with maths again, and more so with Vidya Balan for her brilliant and seamless performance in and as Shakuntala Devi. A powerful biopic with commendable performances by the cast, which showcased an ambitious woman of her time in all her glory and flaws truly, made for a fascinating watch that was backed by an incredible story. While Vidya and Sanya’s portrayal of the complex mother-daughter duo are the bonafide stars of this narrative, the men in their lives have been solid rock by their side throughout.

Here are five times from the Amazon Prime Video film that made us want to surround ourselves with such progressive and caring gents by our side.


Paritosh Banerji always put Shakuntala Devi’s dreams first

Jisshu Sengupta’s applaud worthy performance as Shakuntala Devi’s husband Paritosh was not a surprise. Despite the limited screen time, his character created a lasting impact that revived our beliefs in having supportive partners. Willing to do anything in his power to make Shakuntala’s dreams possible, Paritosh truly understood the burdens of holding back his loving wife from living her dreams. As he rightly says, ‘To love Shakuntala is to set her free.’

Ajay respecting Anupama Banerji’s choices constantly

Ajay Abhay Kumar, played by the multifaceted Amit Sadh definitely struck many heartstrings with his steadfast support in all of his wife’s choices. From wanting to build her own career path, to her unrelenting thoughts on having children, Ajay never imposed his thoughts and ideas on Anupama (Sanya Malhotra) and truly respected her for all her opinions.

Spanish boyfriend Javier’s guidance to rule the stage

Despite having no formal education, Shakuntala Devi was winning the world over by her mathematical skills and her knack to perform on stage. Although before flying off to world tours, she had great help from a Spanish companion in London. A significant friend, confidante and a brilliant guide Javier, played by Luca Calvani, helps Shakuntala adapt to life in the UK along with polishing her stage routines. Providing her with the rightful worldly knowledge, the tireless math wizard quickly sheds her typical accent and becomes all set to take on the world with her flair. We all need someone who would believe in us just as Javier did with Shakuntala!

Paritosh’s response to questions being raised on his sexuality

The calm and composed presence of Jisshu seamlessly brought forth the many layers of Paritosh as an individual. Not only was he a great husband, but a doting father too. In a mature conversation as seen in the film, we see Anupama become quite upset with her mother for calling her father a homosexual. Paritosh’s calm response wins our heart where he says that there is nothing wrong with being regarded as one. He challenges the traditional perception of society that sees it as a matter of disgrace. This scene was quite refreshing and hard-hitting to say the least

Ajay’s unwavering support to his wife during the lawsuit

The relationship that Ajay and Anupama share will surely warm everyone’s hearts. The movie showcases a beautiful and healthy relationship that is very rare to find. A rational and chivalrous man, Ajay too witnessed the pressures of having a lion-hearted world-renowned mathematician in his life as his mother-in-law. The couple grows together through thick and thin even as the complications increased with the constant emotional and court-led battle. Always having his wife’s back through good times and bad, Ajay ticks all the boxes for being husband material.

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