5 things you must know about Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys ahead of its season 2

01 . Sep . 2020
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Are you someone who is just done with Superheroes? Do you always find yourself questioning why are you stuck in a world of super-geeks that basically worship them? If your answer was ‘OMG Yasss’, worry not. The Boys from the Amazon Original series of the same name, perfectly agree with you and want to take these drunk-on-power, revered to be god-like figures down and bust all the hype about them! With just a few days to go for the eagerly-awaited second season, here’s 5 things to know about Amazon Prime Video’s action-packed thriller series –

Satire at its best

The series based on the comic books by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, is so much more than a spoof on superheroes. Its narrative has a sense of taking jabs at the wider issues that surround our world such as corporate greed, political extremism, celebrity culture and reprehensible characters who are just plain selfish. Not shying away from the gory violence that would manifest due to the reckless actions of Superheroes, the series, in all its honesty, offers a truly harrowing consequence of putting them on a pedestal. Additionally, who wouldn’t love to check out the crass behind-the-scene behaviours of the brilliant baddies.


The ‘Seven’ – Corporatized band of superheroes

Licensed ‘Supes’ (short for Superheroes) are managed by a fictional multi-billion-dollar company called Vought International, who are branding them, capitalizing them and setting aspirational goals across the world. Vought famously founded ‘The Seven’ that includes the earths mightiest heroes (Homelander, Queen Maeve, The Deep, Black Noir, A-Train, Translucent and a newly joined member in season 1 Starlight) are the most deadliest of them all. Vought is the money-making machine that markets these superheroes, schedules their missions, builds scripts for them and uses any means possible to make them the best of the best. Using their fame and glory, Vought and The Seven showcase A-grade corruption throughout the show and also how these big-baddies aim to corporatize defence.


The Boys are not the heroes we need, but the heroes we deserve

Founded by Grace Mallory, a former deputy director of the CIA, The Boys are a group of vigilantes that are up against The Seven. These bunch of foul-mouth rag-tags, led by the rugged Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), who impressively give the Supes a run for their money, are the soul of the series. Billy along with Mother’s Milk aka MM, Frenchie, Kimiko aka The Female and hungry for revenge- recruit Hughie, all set on this wild journey to uncover what Vought has been up to and burn the Supes for their despicable actions. With much confidence and an undeniable swagger, these mortals sure rage a war that The Seven never saw coming.

Supe-terrorists attack

Not only is Vought responsible to manage the Supes, the sneaky conglomerate happens to have an ulterior motive that is far too disturbing. Vought would go to any lengths to sustain its power in the world. In season one, as The Boys slowly uncover the reality behind what makes the superheroes – super, they also discover that there are Supe-terrorists that are going to unleash wrath on the face of the Earth. What follows them next, is an answer that one will never expect. When they say never meet your heroes, they weren’t kidding!


It’s all Heart at the core of this sci-fi action drama

From vigilantes worth rooting for their diligent search of justice, to an emotional comprehension of loss, grief and complex friendships, The Boys poignantly exchanges heartfelt moments that have been tethered across the show. Apart from satirizing the monsters that are superheroes, they also manage to humanize some of the good ones like Starlight and showcase a story worth tuning in for.


Ahead of the September 4 premiere of an even more insane and diabolical season 2 of vigilantes v/s rogue abusive ‘Supes’, developed by Supernatural’s Eric Kripke and having executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, watch season one of The Boys only on Amazon Prime Video.