5 reasons why Coolie No. 1 will make for the perfect Christmas gift even Santa couldn’t give

04 . Dec . 2020
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Every year come Christmas; we see a man, who’s cute and adorable AF, spread joy around all around the world in the form of gifts. While we are pretty sure that he’s practicing social distancing this year, we’ve got Santa in the form of David Dhawan. If you’re probably wondering what we’re talking about, well let’s just say that it’s time to come out of the rock you’ve been living under. After all, this Christmas, fans of all things entertainment and masala are set to enjoy the remake of the 90s hit Coolie No.1. And if you thought that was it, who else but Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan to step into the shoes of Govinda and Karisma Kapoor and sizzle on screen as they munch on some roadside Bhelpuri. Set for an exclusive world premiere on Amazon Prime Video this December 25, we’re not only counting the days to Jesus’s birthday, but one of the most-awaited films of the year. With the iconic scenes and songs from the original playing in our minds right now, here’s five reasons why we just can’t wait to open our Christmas gift that is Coolie No.1.

David Dhawan is back again

The undisputed baap of entertainment is back with his 45th film, along with his son, in a remake of the 1995 cult classic. Returning after a three-year gap, expect nothing but hilarious scenes, songs that will have you singing all day long along in what is set to be a laughter riot. Having already made five fantastic films in the No.1 series, David’s set to smash the ball of entertainment out of the stands for a six and in some style. If Christmas was all about being in high spirits, David Dhawan has got the perfect tonic for the soul with this heavy dose of comedy.

Old wine in a new bottle

Well, if you don’t like the fact that there’s a remake of this film being made, all we can say is “Tujhe problem hua toh mein kya karu?”. The 1995 film Coolie No. 1 is one of those few comedy films in Bollywood that takes absolutely no time in raising our spirits. Could we ask for anything better this Christmas, we guess not. With the original having given us a host of memorable dialogues and songs that we fondly remember, we can’t wait to see one of our favourite movies from the 90s in a new avatar.

Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan 

Stepping into the shoes of Govinda and Karisma Kapoor is inarguably one of the toughest characters one could possibly choose to do. But if one had to see two stars pack a punch in a remake, Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan would certainly top that list. When it comes to Varun’s comic timing and dancing skills, few actors in Bollywood match up to Dhawan junior. On the other hand, Sara’s smile is infectious to say the least and we’re pretty sure she will shake a leg making us miss Karisma all over again. If they ever star in other remakes down the years, remember that it all started with Coolie No. 1.

Two iconic songs remixed

Love them or hate them, but you can’t ignore them. Yes, we’re talking about remixes. Could you possibly imagine the craziness that would have followed had “Husn Hai Suhana” and “Tujhe Mirchi Lagi Toh” released if they had social media at that time? Just imagine the memes and GIFS. Well, come 25th December, every 90s kid is set to go down memory lane. A lane where we can hog on some roadside Bhelpuri and take a girl out. As far as Husn Hai Suhana goes, we can’t wait to dance to the hook step and get trending on Tik-Tok. Brace yourself, for two songs are all set to break the internet this Christmas.

The Kings of Comedy as part of the ensemble cast

When it comes to David Dhawan and his movies, rest assured that in addition to the script and dialogues, the film will feature a host of characters who will leave you in splits. The same hold true for Coolie No. 1 for it features a fantastic four in the form of Paresh Rawal, Javed Jaffrey, Rajpal Yadav and Johnny Lever. It certainly doesn’t get any bigger and better than this quartet when it comes to comedy. While the trailer has given us a glimpse of what each one of them has in store, we’re pretty sure that we’ll be rolling on the floor in laughter come this Christmas.