5 Reasons Why ALTBalaji’s ‘Bose: Dead/Alive’ Is The Most Binge Worthy Web-Series Across OTT Platforms!

24 . Aug . 2019
Reading Time: 4 minutes

As the country recently marked the death anniversary of Indian freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, it’s worth noting that the legend’s death to this day continues to remain a huge subject of intrigue and mystery. Having fought for the country right till his last breath, he not only had the power to influence the people while he was alive but his mysterious death too had the same impact on the whole nation. Capturing his journey in a very impressive manner, ALTBalaji’s Bose: Dead/Alive is one such series that you certainly cannot afford to miss and need to binge watch

Here are the 5 reasons why this award-winning show on ‘Netaji’ will keep you hooked at the edge of your seat

1) Gripping storyline

The story of Netaji has always been a jigsaw puzzle for many around. The kind of leader Bose had become, is an inspiration for one and all.  The web-series captures Netaji’s journey from being an introvert 14-year-old to a 48-year-old brave nationalist, who stopped at nothing towards getting India rid of British Rule. The web series addresses Indian history’s biggest controversy, the mystery behind the death of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, with entertaining doses of fiction that is sure to leave you mesmerized. The introductory scene of Rajkummar set in the Presidency College where he beats up the British professor with his shoe is worth applauding. Netaji forming his own army under the nose of the British, there is nothing you can’t love about the story.  There is a lot in store for the viewers who would like to see Netaji’s story through a new lens.

2) Rajkumar Rao’s commitment for Perfection

Rajkumar Rao is known for his brilliant acting and dedication. When any actor would have easily chosen to opt for a wig and prosthetic, Rao decided to transform himself, and be Bose in every sense and manner. There is not a moment in the series when you feel he isn’t justifying Netaji. He has made us believe that the impatient, flamboyant, brave and smart Bose is walking in flesh and blood right in front of our eyes. When any actor would have easily chosen to opt for a wig and prosthetics, Rajkumar Rao decided to transform himself and get bald for the show to get into the skin of the character and played this role to absolute perfection.

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3) Tight script and dialogues

The script is weaved tightly and brings out the story really well. Though it is not involved deeply in historical politics, the dialogues are promising enough to keep the viewer wanting for more. The way the story has been set makes for an engrossing watch. It rightly conveys the inner layers of Subhas Chandra Bose’s passion to desperately seek Azadi! When most of the story is showcased from the protagonist’s point of view, Bose follows a different pattern. The real narrator of this story is Darbari Lal (Naveen Kasturia), who is a hawaldar (constable) for the British Raj and has been appointed to spy on Bose. The way he narrates Netaji’s story adds the zeal to it. The dialogues elevate the feelings of patriotism along with Rajkummar Rao flawlessly echoing the eternal revolutionary Bose and his urgency to rid his motherland of all restraints.

4) The unheard facets of the mystery

Keeping the digital scene in mind, the script is tight and brings the various aspect to you quickly. The unfolded mystery that revolves around Bose very wisely makes its point if Bose is indeed dead or alive. The series’ real strength lies in maintaining Bose’s heroic character and the undying patriotic spirit. Playing it subtle and smart, the series shares a glimpse of minute detail in these small episodes. From personal war, political analyses, conspiracy, to the mystery of Bose’s death, a lot is there in store for the audiences.

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5) The Pacy situational soundtrack

The soundtrack designed by famous musicians Dr. G and Neil Adhikari are too good to not get noticed. Every moment in ‘Bose’ gives you a high just because of the music. Bose: Dead/Alive garbs some fundamental politics as a caper, entwined with Bengali pop-rock songs and filled with bold esteem for its patriotic hero. Sauda Lahu Ka, To Be Free, Bose – Title Track, Shubhash Ke Bojha Shokto are tracks from the series which are quite gripping and keeps the audience on the edge along with setting a perfect background for the show. The Bose soundtrack reflects the spirit of Bose and represents the thriller that Bose’s life journey was.