5 reasons to join the hilarious roller coaster ride that is Aravind SA’s upcoming show – I Was Not Ready Da

27 . Nov . 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes
Laughter is the best medicine they say and it seems like the heavy dose of comedy that Amazon Prime Video has, in the form of Amazon Funnies, is keeping everyone in the pink of health. Having left everyone laughing their heart out, it’s now time for a new stand-up comedy special – I Was Not Ready Da that features stand-up comedian Aravind SA who hails from Chennai and is internationally known for his sense of humor. So, as we wait for his upcoming show exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on the 27th November, here are 5 reasons why we should be excited AF for this one. It’s time to get ready da.

1) The humour is Funny yet Relatable

I Was Not Ready Da are a specific series of shows which have strange events experienced by Aravind. While these real-life events may seem embarrassing and ‘going down the hill’, it’s the manner in which he presents himself and gets his delivery bang on point that makes the sketch an absolute laughter riot. There will be so many instances during the show where you can totally relate with him and still have laughter tears rolling out of your eyes. Finding happiness in the small things, Aravind gives out a positive and optimistic vibe for every single situation out there and talks about how to turn them in a tittering ride.

2) Visphotak Punch Lines
No one knows how to amalgamate diverse dialect into a stand-up comedy better than Aravind. In his shows he generally doesn’t even need a punch line as a word will suffice for the audience to be left rolling in laughter. Some of his evergreen Tamil words used to pack a punch are – Aiy aiy yooo, DA, Welacama Sir, 3sa-6sa-9sa sir.

3) Getting to see the South-Indian element in comedy at its finest
Aravind never fails to add the Chennai element in his shows which makes it even more interesting and funny. He does add the basic perception and notions practiced in the city and how they comprehend the world like – A simple dating app like Tinder is not meant for dating in Chennai but to see who all from the community is registered, because gossiping always comes above action.

4) An ocean full of stories
Before becoming a full-time stand-up comedian, Aravind was an assistant director and he worked in that role for many famous Tamil films. Despite the long-working hours and less pay, what Aravind getting up getting was a lot of exposure that he does sometimes talk about in his shows which makes for the perfect cherry on the cake. Apart from the real-life events, being an assistant director helped him to work and improve his script and storytelling skills which is one of his biggest assets as a comedian.

5) He gives space 

He patiently waits and gives time for people to read in between the lines before breaking into laughter. He surely aces the fact that along with speaking skills, body language is also vital for a successful stand-up comedian. The best part about his style of comedy is that it he presents himself as being pretentious enough to touch the silver lining and come back with the punchline.