5 Reasons that are making amazon prime video’s Paatal Lok the most awaited web show this summer

28 . Apr . 2020
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Be it the Yin or the Yang, the good or the bad, there are always two sides to the same coin. The same goes for our existence today. Showcasing the contrasting realities of modern society, Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming original Paatal Lok will surely raise your hair with its captivating portrayal of the many shades of humanity.

Here are 5 reasons that will make you want to watch the upcoming gripping show –

An invigorating crime-thriller

While we all wait for Mirzapur Season 2, Paatal Lok is swiftly making its special fanbase even before the release of the show. From audiences going gaga about the intriguing posters, the excitement ahead of the show’s release is infectious. The show, with its gripping narrative, is all set to throw new light on the four pillars of democracy. Making for a very compelling watch, viewers are set to be left in awe as they see shades of morality in the country that seem more dark than bright.

See the dark side of humanity get darker

Talk about a show that will shake your very core and make you question everything that you believed was right or wrong. Realizing that there’s always more to what meets the eye, Paatal Lok will show us how every individual has two sides to their personality. And yes, be rest assured of watching a story that at no point shies away from the relentless violence displayed by ruthless mortals. Certainly a show not for the faint-hearted, the many shades to Paatal Lok will keep one hooked to the mysteries that unravel in this inescapable hell on earth.

Commentary on modern-day society

Apart from being a mysterious series on the lawless and merciless, Paatal Lok’s nuanced plot seems to be a scathing commentary on modern-day society. Drawing parallels with the ancient concepts of the Tri-lok – Swarg lok(heaven), Dharti lok (earth), Patal lok (netherworld), it paints a realistic picture of the ruthless class divide that prevails today in Indian society.

Yet another masterpiece from the makers of NH10, Udta Punjab

If the concept didn’t intrigue you yet, watch the series for the creator and co-writer Sudip Sharma. In its first-ever association with Clean Slate Films, Amazon Prime Video’s Paatal Lok is a much-anticipated series from the masterminds behind the startling films NH10 and Udta Punjab. With audiences raving about the show, Paatal Lok has already won a fan in Varun Dhawan. Having been blown away by the show’s poster and teaser, the actor recently took to social media to acknowledge Anushka Sharma and said that he’s immensely proud of this ‘Producer Saab’. Gripping everyone’s attention and how, rest assured that this nail-biting series will keep you on the edge of your seat.

A critically acclaimed cast that will blow your mind

Paatal Lok will be a fabulous collaboration of brilliant critically acclaimed actors such as Jaideep Ahlawat, Neeraj Kabi, Gul Panag, Swastika Mukherjee, Abhishek Banerjee among others. With the series riding on the back of a powerful and intriguing plot, the show’s ensemble cast, with their impeccable acting prowess, is set to deliver one hell of a memorable performance.

Paatal Lok will stream on Amazon Prime Video on May 15, 2020.