5 Mutants whose superpowers we would love to use every day to save the world

31 . Oct . 2020
Reading Time: 3 minutes

There’s no denying the fact that each one of us has, at some point in our lives, wanted to have superpowers like being able to fly, become invisible, run extremely fast, travel through time and many more. What makes us want to have these abilities and look to save the day, and the world has been a host of movies who’ve given us countless superheroes to take inspiration from. With each new superhero comes a new superpower which is exactly why we love watching movies and show and thanks to Disney we have a never-ending supply of such movies.

With the release date of Disney’s “The New Mutants” coming so close, we can’t help but wonder what this X-men Spinoff has in store for us. The mutants with their super-cool superpowers and abilities, that we think would be cool so to possess, will be hitting theatres on 30th October in India. We’ve listed down 5 mutants from the upcoming film whose superpowers would be absolutely awesome to have.


The most intelligent and sharpest mutant of the lot, Wolfsbane, a.k.a Rahne Sinclair has the superpower of turning into a wolf whenever she pleases. Her lycanthropy allows her to shift between human and wolf form, with the later giving her superhuman strength, speed and durability, while seeing her gain the sensory capabilities of a wolf. Think about it boys and girls, this power will not only give us the ability to fight dangerous things but it would also help us smell fries from far far away. Now that’s what we’re talking about.


Illyana Rasputin, famously known as Magik, has the most unique power of them all. She has inter-dimensional sorcery powers that help in manifesting the Soulsword. The coolest thing about her superpower is that she can use teleportation discs to travel. I mean who wouldn’t want to travel through different dimensions and figure out all the questions pertaining to the universe. Not only will it be ultracool but it will also be so helpful to humankind.


Danielle, Dani or Mirage, whatever you call her, the sweetest mutant of the lot possesses the superpower that would make not want to mess with her. Mirage’s ability involves physically manifesting a person’s fears and desires in a lifelike illusion. Wouldn’t it be relaxing to just lay down and experience something extraordinary, yet so calm. Say for example being at a mountain or lakeside or next to a cute and adorable koala bear? This power if used wisely can bring so much joy to people.


Sam Guthrie has the superpower that allows him to propel himself through air at great speed. He uses his naturally-available thermo-chemical energy to lift himself off the ground. Interestingly, he gets his name because he is invulnerable when he is in motion, effectively making this young mutant a human cannonball. We personality will be super stoked if we get this as a superpower as we will finally be able to feel lighter than air.


Sunspot or Roberto “Bobby” da Costa has the most interesting superpower of them all. Sunspot can absorb solar energy in his body that he can use to fuel his range of abilities that include an increase in strength, flight and energy discharge. We all know that absorption of Solar power is the one superpower that is the need of the hour right now. Obtaining it to this extent would solve so many of earth’s problems