The 5 Most Gruesome Deaths in Web Series

14 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Deaths play a very important part in keeping the interest in a web series alive and are an important part of a series. Once a death occurs, the interest in the series either grows exponentially or even drains out – it all depends on how and why a character dies. Several web series – mostly the ones that deal with medieval times – use their creative licence to come up with gruesome, memorable deaths. The number of cringes seem to be directly proportional in the uptick of the fan following that a web series will see. Here’s a list of 5 web series with gruesome deaths.

#1 Game of Thrones (Oberyn Martell)

The series is littered with deaths of young, old, men, women and even animals. Game of Thrones was not just known for its over-the-top violence but also the sexual content and of course, the deaths. Because the series is based in a time before civility became a concept, there’s death by maiming, eye-gouging, stabbing, impaling and straight off beheading. One of the most memorable and gruesome death was of Oberyn Martell, who died a respectable – but nevertheless gruesome death in a gladiator battle. He basically had his eyes gouged out and his head smashed.

#2 Spartacus (Varro)

A series that’s about slaves and Spartacus and the Roman uprising has literally hundreds of people dying in a bloody manner. Slaves were routinely crucified, with one of them even having his penis cut off before he died. Spartacus has several gladiator deaths. The most gruesome, however, is Varro’s death. Partly because he dies at the hands of his friend, partly because it is a sword-through-the-shoulder and majorly because his wife is sold into slavery when she has no other means to look after herself. What’s striking in this death scene is that it wasn’t a gladiator fight that took Varro’s life. It’s basically evening entertainment for the ruling class.

#3 Vikings (Ragnar Lathbrok)

This is the third medieval entry in the list and that’s because medieval series are that damn good when it comes to gruesome deaths. Medieval series allow for the use of pick-axes, bows, arrows, swords and such weapons but the Ragnar Lathbrok death employed something unique – snakes. Ragnar Lathbrok basically dies in a pit of snakes, already bloodied and after having lost an eye.

#4 The Walking Dead (T-Dog)

Had too much of medieval, well, there’s a zombie death for you. One of The Walking Dead’s most popular character, T-Dog, dies – and even in death he saves the life of his loved one. The death is as gruesome as it is emotional. The screen shows a patch of flesh gnawed out by a zombie and that’s the end of T-Dog.

#5 Anatoly (Daredevil)

Wilson Fisk is one of the most memorable characters ever in a web series and this is the scene that made him for several fans of the Daredevil series. The final death sequence is shot out of frame but there’s enough fisticuffs, head butting and bloodletting to tell the audience what one gets when they cross Fisk. Daredevil upped the ante for action sequences in web series and Anatoly’s death was initial proof that this series was going all out.

These deaths turned the tides for the web series and told the audience that nobody in their loved series was precious enough to not feel the wrath of death. Do you have favourite gruesome death scenes? Tell us in the comments section.