5 Erotic Films to Watch on Amazon Prime

16 . Dec . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The streaming platforms have everything for everyone. Along with romance, drama, mystery and thrillers, we also have films laden with sensuality. We list 5 erotic films that you can now stream on Amazon Prime.

The Blue Lagoon Series

The Blue Lagoon series is said to be the one that turned several boys into men in the eighties. The story was incredible – two adolescents get stranded at a lagoon and that’s where love blossoms. The Blue Lagoon was Brooke Shield’s breakthrough film and features a lot of skin show that shows off her beauty. The film spawned a sequel and there was a remake. The remake starred Mila Jovovich.


Sliver is the sequel to the Sharon Stone classic Basic Instinct. The film was a box office turkey but features some of the most erotic scenes ever filmed. Sliver is one of the first films to have extended sexual intercourse scenes in mainstream cinema. The film is now available on Amazon.

Wild Things Series

Wild Things was a runaway hit back in the early 2000s when directors once again started looking at skin fests. The film features Neve Campbell, Kevin Bacon and Matt Dillon in one of their earlier films. The original Wild Things film became controversial for the three-some scene and a scene featuring a seduction of an older man by a younger woman. Wild Things itself spawned a couple of sequels.


If you loved Demi Moore in Charlie’s Angels, you will adore her in Striptease. This is one of the few Hollywood films that courted controversy because of the nudity and sexual content. Demi Moore plays a stripper and a former FBI agent. If you read through that sentence without rolling your eyes, there’s nothing that stops you from watching the film.

Spring Break

Spring Break was American Pie before American Pie was American Pie. This 1983 film has a lot of swimsuit scenes, make out scenes and basically women wearing itsy bitsy nothings to make the film worth your time.

These are the erotic films that you can watch on Amazon Prime. Thank us later.