5 Disappointing web series

22 . Dec . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

We look at 5 disappointing web series

#1 Young Sheldon (Amazon Prime)

This was a hit or miss since the beginning and the lukewarm response it got was not shocking, but alarming. Young Sheldon is the spin-off of Big Bang Theory and charts the young life of the most famous character from the show, Sheldon Cooper. The series is a mainstay on Amazon Prime but hasn’t got any traction yet.

#2 The Defenders (Netflix)

Netflix wanted to carry on the legacy of the other superhero web series that are a mainstay but that was not to be so. The Defenders comprised of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage as a group of superheroes that fight evil. It was a tricky situation already, with only DD and Jessica Jones series getting a good response anyway. This series died out slowly.

#3   The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime)

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel could have been a great web series. It is about a woman in the early 70s who decides to take the path untread -becoming one of the few female stand up comedians. However, the series doesn’t exactly know whether it wants to become a series about a woman who’s battling a complicated personal life or charting her way into the indie stand up scene. The few gags it has doesn’t hold the audience’s interest for as long as it should.

#4 Richie Rich (Amazon Prime)

Oh, how nice this could have been. Richie Rich was a legit successful comic book series that spawned several arcs. It was about the poor little rich boy, Richie, who felt loneliness because he has rich. The comic book also spawned an arc where Richie fought crime with his butler, Cadbury. The web series came and went – seems nobody wants to see the adventures of an ultra-rich person.

# 5 Gypsy (Netflix)

Again, a great blurb that didn’t make for good viewing. Gypsy was about a therapist, Jean, who gets in contact with a woman Sophie, through a common friend. Sophie wants to get into a hookup with Jean, and that forms the rest of the series. But that was the end, the show didn’t have any other spark other than that.

These are the five web series that underwhelmed the audience. But fret not, there were several better. We’ll list those in a while.

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