4 YouTube Channels with Incredible Retro Desi Content

31 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

People who grew up in the nineties definitely had access to some of the most awesome content. Those were the times when superstars were just actors and filmmakers had the freedom and inclination to experiment with newer and quirkier concepts. You’d be surprised to know how many fantasy films were made in Bollywood in the 60s, 70s and 80s, partly because the filmmakers were passionate about doing something instead of doing something that was incredible.

Some of these films have aged wonderfully and have a cult following even among the young crowd. Thankfully, distributors and producers of such content have their YouTube channels – making such retro desi content immortal. We list 4 YouTube channels that will make Indians drown in nostalgia.

Ultra Movie Parlour

Ultra Movie Parlour is the digital arm of the distributor behemoth and is home to some incredible desi content. Whether you wish to unwind with an ultra-retro film from the 40s, like Alladin and the Wonderful Lamp to films like Corporate, Ultra Movie Parlour is the place to go. And of course it has a crateful of Bhojpuri films too.


Goldmine Telefilms Limited

Goldmine Telefilms is the uncrowned King when it comes to desi content online. Started sometime in 2000, the YouTube channel has some of the most entertaining films from Bollywood. The Goldmine channel is becoming famous because of its obscure content from the ‘90s – horror, slasher flicks that were made on a shoestring budget – and iconic films like the Ramsay Brother’s Tehkhana, Veerana.



One of the oldest producers decided to put their films online – and it is one of the strongest nostalgic waves for Indians. The iconic filmmaker’s channel has films like Angoor, Malaamaal Weekly, Gaayab etc. From comedy to action to horror, Rajshri is a very good channel for you to binge on.


YouTube Movies

If you can’t get something anywhere – there is a good chance that you will find it on YouTube and that too in good quality. The channel offers films for free as well as on rent. You can rent the films in SD and HD and even buy them off the channel – the prices differ from film to film.


These are the four channels that give retro desi content for Indians. Go forth and binge!