4 things all students do in their first relationship

14 . Oct . 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Teenage love is beautiful isn’t it? We might all feel a bit of an ‘Awww’ coming on when we see a teen couple who are clearly besotted with each other and feel the first rushes of that crazy little thing called love. You always tend to do cute little things when you’re smitten by love. Whether in a relationship or fancying someone from afar, here are 4 things that pretty much all students do in their first relationship –
1. Bunking Lectures together: When in love, you don’t think of what’s right or what’s wrong. All you care of is to spend time with your loved one. Be it bunking your tuition or your school/college lectures. Spending time with the ones you love becomes the topmost goal of your life. Little things like bunking lectures to see your crush for even for a few minutes, makes it completely worthwhile!

2. Saving every penny to gift your Gf/Bf: Getting a gift for your special one is a feeling that gives you a tremendous amount of rush. You try and save every penny that you can from that monthly pocket money. Getting the perfect gift means the world to you and you try to do anything to make it a special one for them.

3. Borrowing your friend’s bike/car to take your girlfriend out: We have all experienced that time when we’ve wanted to spend some quality time with your crush/loved ones. But, what happens when you don’t have the means for that? You tend to seek help from your friends and mates. You borrow their bike and scooters to go on rides with your GF/BF’s. Come on, we all know the whole idea of those sudden breaks – Don’t we?

4. Building up to that first kiss: You discuss it with your mates for days before hand – who would make the move? When should it happen? You plan the moment in detail. The nerves are all over the place. You play the moment again and again in your mind. And then, it finally happens. And it becomes the most magical thing ever!

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