Web Series You Should Watch This Mother’s Day

12 . May . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Mother’s Day is around the corner and content creators are in a flurry – creating short videos and all that to celebrate one of the most emotional and heartwarming days in the world. While those videos are still coming, and we have covered them, here’s a list of the Original Web Series that you should can binge on this Mother’s Day.

Stranger Things:

Never has a web series been completely dedicated to the aspect of a mother looking for a child. What starts out as a nervous, maybe slightly insane mother looking for her lost son turns into one of the most intriguing sci-fi story to be ever told. The web series wasn’t just well received, the second season became one of the most anticipated web series and one of the first web series titles to become a legit franchise. Winona Ryder, who plays the mother, is actually the emotional centre of the first series and plays a very integral role in the entire series.

The Good Wife:

Another web series that superbly tackled so many issues that women face – work issues, love issues, spouse issues and with all that, the aspect of being a parent. The titular character in this series, Juliana Hargreaves plays Alicia Florrick, a past attorney who must get back to work after her politician husband is indicted for a crime. Alicia not only excels at being an attorney but creates a whole life for herself. It’s laudable that with all this, the show creators could put in the mother-daughter-son angle, the two children play a very important role in the life and times of Alicia Florrick and at least some episodes are dedicated to the mother-children relationship. Heartwarming.


And if you are in the mood for something light, we invite you to watch Weed. Weed is about Nancy, played by Marie Louie Parker, single mother, a soccer mom, who begins dealing in marijuana at the side. The web series is an interesting part thriller, part comedy. Of course, all of Nancy’s relatives play an important role in the series, including her children.  If there’s any web series that tackles the exasperation of being a mother without money, this is the one.

The Crown:

Again, the Crown is one of the most popular web series to ever hit a streaming platform. The Crown is based on the true life of the Queen Elizabeth and forays into various aspects of her life, including her relationship with her mother and mother-in-law. The series is a stunning take on the lives of women and their children, mothers and their daughters behind the royal façade of living an imperial life.

The Letdown :

Here’s a web series that’s only about a single mother and her newborn child, and how she tries to fit the bill in an oddball mother’s group. Few other web series do new-born and new-mother humour like this series does. It has currently one season and there’s no word about whether it will be renewed for another one, but this is a gift that’s going on giving.

This is a list of the top web series that you should catch up on this Mother’s Day. Have a list of your own, tell us in the comments section.