The Best Mother’s Day Short Videos Online Now

12 . May . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Mother’s Day is one of the most emotional Days for everyone – whether it’s the mother or the children. Like everytime, content creators all over the Internet have come together to create some compelling Mother’s Day content. We make a list of all the short videos that are a tribute and a celebration of the one person nobody can ever forget, Mother’s Day.

Filter Copy:  When Your Sister Acts Like Your Mom

It’s said that God made mothers because he couldn’t be everywhere. Well, an addition to that is that elder sisters were created because children didn’t want mothers everywhere. This Filter Copy video brings all those feels and more, because well, Mother’s Day is around the corner.

Mostly Sane: Indian Mothers and Superstitions is hilarious but true

Superstitions and parents go hand and in hand – and there’s a special connect between superstitions and mothers. Mostly Sane works up this concept that has a mother and daughter bickering about various things, because the mother believes in superstitions and the daughter actually has no idea about some of the superstitions.

SIT: How Moms Protect Us is all the truth

Indian kids have gone through the good cop bad cop routine in their houses. The papa is the tough cup and the mother is the good cop. Well, Shitty Ideas Trending comes up with a video about how the mother solves a lot of problems for the kids when they are in trouble.

Harshdeep Ahuja: What I do Vs What Mum see tickles your funny bone

What happens when a meme concept becomes a video? Well, if the concept is good, it does entertain. Harshdeep Ahuja becomes the next entrant to come into the Mother’s Day circuit with this video. While the performance and the screenplay is good, the gags are competent too, but this time, the product placement dialogue goes a bit longer than required.

Being Indian: If Indian Moms had Superpowers is a Shaktimaan video we all need

In the 90s, Shaktimaan was a rage among kids. His superpowers and Mukesh Khanna’s portrayal of Shaktimaan became memeworthy. In fact, even today, people say ‘Sorry Shaktimaan’, the end dialogue of every Shaktimaan episode. Well, we all have a superpower in our lives, our mothers. But what if the mothers had superpowers

RVCJ: When Roommates act like Mom will give you room mate feels

We have different kind of room-mates and each one of them is a gift that keeps giving. While some room mates won’t bother what you do, others take on the role of a parent. This RVCJ video is based around that.