Short Film: The Woman and The Man

22 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Sarmistha Maiti and Rajdeep Paul’s co created short “The Woman and The Man” identifies and scrutinises the male gaze and how it leads to the objectification of the female identity. The growing infatuation of a young milkman towards a sensuous and free spirited woman who he ogles at everyday while delivering milk pouches is the premise of the film. His unending sexual fantasies about her take him far enough to masturbate with the money she gives him. He can feel her touch on the 500 Rupee bill given by “Chandni Madam and starts belittling, in fact, abusing his own wife, until his imaginary world comes crashing down.

What’s wow? The film takes a critical look at the attitude towards women and the hypocrisy prevalent in our society when it comes to sex and sensibility. Regulations are altered swiftly as women are screened continually through a biased sieve of morality as compared to men in the existing patriarchal society.

What’s blah Most things in the film work yet there is a lack of coagulation because of weak direction. The cinematography and sound design both sail through without adding much character to the film. Perhaps, more time with the script could have helped the writers bake it further.

Parting shot: An atmosphere of gender discrimination will continue to haunt our civilization unless we treat every human being with respect and more importantly, empathy. It is a laudable effort by the team to create awareness in that direction.

Cast: Amit Saha, Tanusree Goswami, Anindita Ghosh, Subhankar Mohanta, Kunal Chakraborty

Director:  Sarmistha Maiti and Rajdeep Paul

Duration: 18:00

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