Short Film: 15 Minutes

04 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

If you are a Mumbaikar chances are you must have met Sawant Saheb. At the station buying his ‘sookha bhel’ or jostling to board Borivali Local. He is the man who cannot contain his excitement when he can board a Virar Fast and starts daydreaming about how would it be like to reach fifteen minutes ahead of his routine. Oh wait! This person could also be ‘you’ or anyone taking the local train in Mumbai to cover long distances between home and work.

What’s wow? Titled 15 minutes, this short is extremely relatable by any local train plying Mumbaikar. You can connect with Mr Sawant even if you are an occasional passenger. Making it to your destination ahead of the expected time is a luxury for every man or woman, since even a car doesn’t make the cut when it comes to observing punctuality. For reasons like this any many others, the Mumbai local train is a part of more than 80 Lakh people’s daily life in Western and Central Line alone. Director Sandeep Jain has put together eight and a half minutes to explain those ’15 minutes’ that differentiates Mumbai from any other city in India. Ananaya Verma’s voice over is witty and old school in a contemporary format. That consolidates the film as a whole and makes it a fun watch!

What’s blah: I honestly think this video, possibly shot guerilla style with the majority of the investment in the Visual Effects department is watch eight minutes of your day. For Mumbaikars it it the most relatable short you’ll see today. For the rest this is the good way to know more about our life in Mumbai.

Parting shot: The actors have kept it simple in the film. Mr Sawant is especially cute and his family does the middle class act well. The VFX and voiceover makes the short film an entertaining commentary on Mumbai Local Trains and it’s passengers.

Director: Sandeep Jain

Cast: Jigar Mehta, Khushi Makkad

Duration: 8:36


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