‘13 Reasons Why’ Forces New Zealand to Come Up With a Whole New Rating

28 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

If you thought the Indian censors had it bad, spare a moment for the New Zealand censors, The Office of Film and Literature Classification. They have now been forced to come up with a new classification for the hit series ’13 Reasons Why’.

According to a post by the organization, the immediate reason of the classification is the suicide is shown in a glorified and fatalistic manner. The organization contends that suicide shouldn’t be shown as a logical and rational thought.

The organization also had issues with the connection of sexual assault to suicide. They said that showing sexual assault to be a good enough reason for suicide defeats the purpose of sending across a message to survivors of sexual assault and rape.

There are several other issues that the country’s censor body had. It said that one of the suicide scenes was too graphic and was almost instructional. The series has now got  a ‘Classification One’, which means that it can be watched only by anyone over 18, or by someone who is supervised by an adult.