101 India’s Great Indian Ghost Stories has potential to engage a niche section of the vast Indian audience.

31 . Mar . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Aside Ramsey Brother’s Phirse Ramsey, India 101’s horror section has another web series called Great Indian Ghost Stories. It has four episodes based in Goa of duration above six minutes. The series have been made in Konkani, subtitled in English and follow the anthology format.

American television shows such as American Horror Story (2011) and Tales From The Crypt (1989) follow the same format as this.

The makers claim that, “Nowhere else is there as wide a range of spooky stories and fables as in India. Great Indian Ghost Stories is a collection of horror stories from Kashmir to Kochi, starting in Goa.”

The first episode The Old Bastora Road runs for 8 minutes 42 seconds. The main storyteller and other accompaniments of the ‘high key lit’ liquor den are chomping scrumptious fish while he starts narrating. The protagonist of this story snorts heavily on his car’s bonnet and goes beserk while driving on Mapusa road. He takes the road not taken in the dark of the night and reaches The Old Bastora Road.

In the second episode The protagonist Francis comes back in the second episode in the same setting as he begins to share with Aunt Angela and the others drinking with him a story from his childhood about his sister Anna who was dead. It is her death anniversary and he decides to unlock from his memory what scarred him over ages. So Long, Sister has a duration of 6 minutes and 20 seconds and takes after commercial Hollywood characters, especially the way little Anna turns into an exorcist-sh Anna. Francis is a great storyteller. The actor can really hold the mast on his own with his effortless storytelling.

The third episode discusses fortune or luck. “Does a strand of hair bring good fortune? But at what cost?” Angela Aunty begins to talk about the Simcar – a mysterious gypsy folk with mysterious abilities when Francis decides to reveal a personal story from back in the day. According to Aunt Angela Ghosts and supernatural elements were no rarity then.  Running into 8 minutes five seconds in the episode about The Ghost Of Gurim.

In the fourth episode called The Baga Creek Drowning Francis narrates one last story about his cousin David to his small audience at Belo’s Bar.While rowing their boat to catch fish in the night, two men hear music playing out on the water. This frightens the fisherman as the episode runs into 6 minutes 4 seconds.

101India.com is creating a niche for itself by including web like these. The format was missing for a while now from the Indian Television. It definitely has its takers but the struggle might be to reach out to them.