10 Secrets About Mithila Palkar

26 . Oct . 2017
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Mithila Palkar is one of the few actresses who has been part of 3 entertainment platforms

She has showcased her acting prowess in Bollywood, the streaming scene and Marathi cinema.

You may know titbits about her, but are you a true blue Mithila fan to know all her secrets?

To help you decide that TheDigitalHash.com brings to you ten lesser known facts about Mithila.


The Mumbai born Mithila stays with her grandparents

Initially, her grandparents were critical of her decision to join the entertainment industry

But Mithila’s talent is so magnetic that her grandfather bought a smart phone only to watch her videos


Mithila’s love for theatre started at the age of 12

She got on stage for an inter-school competition.

She says theatre gives her the biggest high and theatre is my first love.


Mithila has done a course in Mass Communications

After completing the course, she ventured into advertising.

She worked with Q Theatre Productions for a year, for their annual youth theatre festival Thespo.


Mithila is also interested in the traditional art forms

She is currently learning Kathak and has studied music as a child.

The bubbly beauty has always been vocal about her love for music and believes that music defines her.


She is one of the most popular web personalities

She had just 5,000 followers on instagram before her song ‘Hi Chaal Turu Turu’ came out, after that it sky rocketed to 45,000

And as per the latest figures, she has 6 lac followers.

Phewww that’s a lot!!!!


Mithila’s first tryst with web entertainment was a short film Majha Honeymoon

This short film in Marathi released in 2014.

It was screened at the Mumbai Film Festival.


Her first web comedy was News Darshan in 2015

This comedy with Filter Copy was one of the first spoofs of Bollywood news in India.

She then did a sketch called Confusing Things Girlfriends Say which was a hit.


She has been part of an international project

Mithila Palkar acted in one episode of the international show, The Good Karma Hospital.

She played the role of Shobha Pereira in this British dramedy.


She has a crush on a Bollywood celeb

She didn’t reveal who. Do you wanna guess????


She is an animal lover

Her Instagram posts hint at her being an animal lover.

Simply adorable…


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